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In the past a few years ago, e-commerce has emerged as the most prominent business trend as customers now purchase every conceivable product or service on e-commerce websites. No wonder, having an online store is no longer an option, but a necessity for businesses that want to gain a vital competitive edge. But it is no simple feat to duplicate a complete shop on to the Internet as each one is unique and complex in nature. Moreover, the bigger players have hundreds of thousands of products to offer and an equally huge number of business transactions globally.

At Mageindia, we understand the importance of building superlative e-commerce websites with the most amazing and impactful designs. We have a team that holds expertise in Magento e-commerce designs, which we use to deliver high-quality user experiences on the client's e-commerce stores. The designs we create are not only focused on enhancing the conversions but also on resonating the brand image of the business.

Power Your E-commerce Business with Magento E-commerce Design

Mageindia team brings outstanding e-commerce designs that make your business stand apart from the crowd with numerous benefits including:

  • Magento UX Design :
    As customers become tech-savvy, the design is no longer confined to user interface but encompasses user experience too. We focus on creating a UX-centered design that is built have a positive impact on the user journey. It includes the store UI along with features such as navigation, advanced searches, product catalog, and more.
  • Responsive Web Design:
    As users may access your website through diverse devices and platforms, there is a need to work on delivering the best UX designs that deliver optimal experiences on each of them. We create responsive designs with the right themes and design principles to craft UX that run seamlessly irrespective of the device being used.
  • E-commerce Web Design :
    The first impression that an online store makes on the visitor plays a key role in conversion. Therefore, there is a need to design a website that is impactful enough to hold the attention as well as convert the visitor. At Mageindia, we create bespoke website designs that replicate the brand message and drive conversions..
  • Conversion Audits:
    We not only render design services but also carry out conversion audits to find out what exactly is standing in the way of conversions from the design point of view. We identify the elements that the customers are looking for and implement design changes to ensure that these missing elements are incorporated into the store.

Why MageIndia?

Our team of experts will help you design the ultimate online shopping experience for your business and ensure that customers have a smooth and seamless shopping experience they will not forget in a hurry, and will definitely come back for more. What’s more, our top-notch support services will keep your business up and running 24x7.

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