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Magento Speed Optimization

Loading speed and performance are perhaps the most crucial parameters that influence the success of an e-commerce store. The reason is that online shoppers lack patience and will never stay or convert on a slow loading site. In fact, the options out there are such large in number that they will readily move to a website that offers a smoother interface and better performance. At Mageindia, we understand that websites with compromised speed and performance issues are likely to lose their customers and revenues. We address these challenges with effective and reliable speed optimization services for Magento stores.


Magento Speed Optimization: For a Lightening Fast Experience

Mageindia offers Magento Speed Optimization Service for e-commerce stores of diverse sizes and types. We combine the industry best practices with special emphasis on specific requirements of the users to cater result-oriented speed optimization solutions. We help your business attain the following benefits with Magento Performance Optimization:

  • Optimization of Code
    Identification and removal of the unnecessary or unused code processes along with the deployment of compressed techniques
  • Optimization of Database
    Maximizing performance through proper settings configuration, periodic unused data cleanups, and optimization of database queries
  • Auto scaling
    Dynamic resource allocation to facilitate automated scaling of server resources in tune with the real-time website traffic trends
  • Version Control
    Version control to ensure superior performance along with security, easy upgrades and version updates with no unnecessary changes
  • Proper Configuration
    Proper configuration of the web server to ensure quicker interactions along with tuning to the unique requirements of the customers
  • Use of Caching
    Use of caching technique to reduce the loading time as well as enhance the overall performance of the websites to deliver better experiences
  • Continuous Monitoring
    Continuous monitoring of the e-commerce store's performance along with periodic testing to ensure that it is always performing better than the best
  • Other optimization techniques
    Optimization of images, videos, audios, and content, file transfer reduction between the web server and browser, and more technique to enhance speed

Why Choose Us ?

With several years of experience of building various kinds of Ecommerce websites for a number of different industry segments,MageIndia offers Magento Performance and Speed Optimization Services that will help our ecommerce business in the most critical area of customer interaction and experience. With our solutions, you can be sure that visitors to your website will get a lightening fast interface without the annoyance of having to wait for website pages to open up.

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