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Magento Multi Store Setup & Development

A majority of businesses today are moving to showcase their products and services through online stores. Magento e-commerce platform has emerged as the ideal choice for building user-friendly, attractive, dynamic, and interactive online shopping websites. However, it is a challenge to run a big e-commerce store with hundreds of thousands of products and services. It is difficult to maintain, manage, and optimize such an extensive product range. The first step is to look after basic site navigation, with an optimal placement of products and categories to enable customers for locating them with ease.

However, there may be issues such as a single product being displayed in more than one categories. This may cause confusion for the customers and interfere with their shopping experience on the website. At Mageindia, we take care of these issues with Magento multi-store development. One of the biggest advantages of using Magento is that it supports the multi-store model. With this model, the products and services can be divided into multiple stores and all these can be run from a single instance of Magento.


Magento Multi Store: Unforgettable and Convenient Shopping Experience

MageIndia will help you develop the Magento Multi-store concept that is by farther best solution to help your customers navigate through the different products and services with ease. Our solution provides several advantages including:

  • Flexibility:
    Our Magento experts design multi-store e-commerce websites which have the same back-end and admin for a number of stores. These stores can be innovative with concepts like multi-language and multi-currency. With this, you have a better control with a single admin, one list of orders and one hosting plan.
  • Better Navigation and SEO:
    Mageindia designs improved categorization for e-stores, with fewer categories and relevant titles and keywords. Overall, the entire site and the associated categories can be built around relevant phrases and words that customers actually use in real life scenario while searching for a product or service.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience:
    Mageindia endeavors to create amazing customer experiences, neatly categorized products and services, better search results, and simplified checkouts. Together, these parameters enhance the probability of conversions, boost the sales, and bring back the customers for repeat shopping too.

Why Mageindia ?

Our team comprises of highly experienced and focused Magento professionals who are capable of crafting the ultimate shopping experience for your customers by integrating feature-rich Magento Multi-store Setup in your online store.

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